Why Taking a Shower Every Day is Good for Your Health (except when it’s not)

Nobody wants to stink. If someone admits that they don’t shower every day, they are likely to be given a wide birth and treated as some kind of walking sack of germs. It’s true that staying clean is important, and we should all bathe regularly in order to be healthy and fresh. The question is, how often is regularly? Is once a week fine? Twice a week? Every day? Twice a day?

Health Benefits to Showering

These questions can make it really hard to make a good decision on how often we should be showering. Unless you have eczema or another skin problem exacerbated by constant soap and water, hitting the showers every day is highly beneficial, and here are 6 great reasons why:

Reduces Acne

Nobody likes waking up to a huge, unsightly blemish on their face. Acne happens for a variety of reasons, but many of those reasons can be traced back to plugged sweat glands. Keeping a body scrubber in the shower and using it to exfoliate is a great way to keep those sweat glands clear. It’ll also give your skin a healthy glow since exfoliating removes dead skin cells as well.

Helps You Think

We all need a little time to ourselves to just let our minds run. Being alone with our thoughts is almost impossible, especially if you have kids, but those few minutes in the shower are often the opportunity our mind needs to turn over problems and come up with new ideas.

If you’re ever stuck in a story, or not sure how to move forward with a project at work, try taking a shower. You might be surprised at the ingenious solution you come up with just from a few minutes in the shower.

Helps You Heal

There is truly something amazing about the ability of water to heal. Whether it is drinking enough of it, or spending time under it, water can make almost anything better. The hot spray from a shower can help ease the pain from injuries, as well as relax tense muscles. Turn it to a cold spray to reduce inflammation and treat pain in an entirely different matter.

When you’re feeling sick, a hot steamy shower can unclog your nose and help soothe irritated sinuses. This is an especially great trick for pregnant or breastfeeding women who can’t take cold medications without harming their child. For women who are pregnant, a shower can also help with nose bleeds, a common side effect, and breastfeeding women can find relief from engorgement with a nice hot shower.

If you’re feeling unwell, try a quick shower to perk yourself back up.

Lowers Stress

We all know how great it feels to step into a nice hot blast and truly indulge in a toasty warm shower. Taking showers is one of the greatest simple pleasures out there, and it is no surprise really that it can lower stress and just plain make you feel good. Coping with a hard day at work doesn’t have to mean indulging in a Netflix binge, you can wash your cares away with a shower.

Insomnia? Try a Shower!

Many of us take showers during the day, but a nice warm shower at night can be good for you too. Hot showers have a natural sedative effect that helps us prepare for bed. Not only does it give us a reason to put our screens down (they burn away our melatonin and pretty much guarantee a poor night’s sleep) the white noise caused by the shower and the rhythmic pulse of the water all combine to prepare us beautifully for bed time.

If you’re having trouble sleeping, don’t make the problem worse by flipping open your phone to scroll through facebook, instead, hit the showers.

Need to Wake up? Try a Shower!

Wait, what? Didn’t we just go over how showers make us sleepy? Well, yes. A hot shower is the perfect recipe for a good night’s sleep, but if you want to be alert and ready for the day, a cold shower will get you there fast. Taking an icy cold shower will blast you awake faster than the strongest cup of coffee, and what’s more, it has other benefits too. A cold shower will also boost your immunity, and may increase your willpower. (After forcing yourself to turn that knob to arctic temperatures, saying no to that extra cookie will be easy.)

Reasons to Shower in the Morning

While cold showers aren’t very pleasant, they do the job wonderfully. If you need to wake up, give it a try.

Showering every day is wonderful for most people. You should avoid showering daily (with hot water anyway) if you live in a dry or cold climate or have a skin condition that gets worse with daily showering. Otherwise, a daily shower is extremely beneficial for you in almost every aspect of your life.

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