Watching the 2016 Election

So it’s tuesday night and I’m sitting here, about to watch the last few votes get counted, and it dawns on me: I got this brand new popcorn machine that I won a few months ago. I never tried it out yet, mostly because I don’t usually watch all the much TV, but figured “Hey, now is as good a time to try it out as any!”

So I pulled it out of it’s box and popped myself some popcorn. I added some melted butter and sprinkled some salt on top of it and boy… it was delicious. Lékué makes one hell of a popcorn popper!

I never had a popcorn maker before, so the ease of using one – especially this one – was so awesome. So simple, so easy, yet so delicious.


So as I’m sitting here – crunching away on delicious yet buttery popcorn – watching the election unfold, I notice a shift happening. Not just in the election as to who is winning, but in the attitude of those that once called themselves the peaceful democrats. Their whole demeanor changed and they got violent during and right after the election.

I was saddened to say the least. Wasn’t voting part of being in a democracy? Isn’t part of being in a democracy that we accept the majority wins? Just because we did not win should not mean we reject the system. Doing so undermines the very nature of democracy.

All I know is I’m grateful I am not a politician. I’m also grateful that the next president didn’t appoint himself ruler over us. I am grateful that we have the rights and freedoms to vote. We have a platform that allows us to make our voice heard.

Most importantly though, I am grateful for popcorn. Nothing comforts like tastefully salted and buttery popcorn does on a lonely election night. At least not in my home.

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