Art is the Beauty in Everything

I consider myself an artist. I believe everyone is – to an extent – an artist. Art – in my opinion – is doing things with flare. It’s not just music, wall-art, or acting, but doing things with a personal touch.

A great example of this is a cop in New York City break-dancing as he’s directing traffic. Still doing his job, but doing it in style. He put his own spin on it.

Another good example is the nurse who organizes a birthday surprise cake for an elderly lonely patient. She did her job, but also put her out of the box thinking cap on while she did it. In my books, only artists think outside of the box.

TV commercials are going great lengths now to blow the viewer’s expectation and imagination. So much so that we’ve come to expect it. If it is a crappy commercial, our perception of the brand being promoted goes down the drain. If it is an original out of the box idea, our perception of the brand goes up.

A great example of this is a breast firming serum┬ácomercial being shown on late night TV. We see a lady stand in front of the mirror admiring her large bust, and then she pulls the picture away from in front of her. Turns out she wasn’t admiring her breasts, but rather that she was wishing those were hers… as hers obviously weren’t as voluptuous.

So, we’ve come to expect brilliant art in marketing. Why can’t we expect it everywhere else as well? With a few critical exceptions, isn’t art what helps us evolve as a civilization? Outside of the box thinking sure is. At least in my opinion.

Whatever we do, lets give our creativity some room. As in, let’s do things exceptionally well with our own touch. Our own flare of creativity. Let’s have our creativity be the cherry on that exceptionally delicious cake.

If we’re created in the image of God, let’s be creative as well. He sure was.

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